Is a property at risk if seas rise? More buyers want to know

The usual checklist before businesses buy a piece of property includes looking at what kind of taxes they’ll have to pay, who the neighbors are and whether there is good space for parking.
In South Florida, there’s a new box some buyers may want to check: What will that parcel look like when sea levels rise?
New Silicon Valley startup Jupiter – boosted by $10 million in venture capital funds – will soon arrive on the South Florida scene to test its climate change calculating software. The product looks like a customized Google Maps screen but with options for different sea-rise scenarios rather than directions to the nearest restaurant.
The arrival of a well-funded, high-tech venture signals an emerging market for climate change data in a region that will be at ground zero for impacts. At least one homegrown consulting company is already in the business of breaking down potential climate change risks for clients.
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